Monday, March 25, 2013

No Landa, Not This Time

Yolanda Foster (left) in all her self-righteous glory.

Yolanda Foster has always bugged me on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She's pretentious, uptight, self-righteous and overly defensive. She's also set women back 100 years by treating her husband, David Foster, like he's her king. She also told her daughter in an episode of the show that she was worried that she was a lesbian. 

When Andy Cohen questioned her about her parenting style at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 1, she had the nerve to say that being gay is a choice. When Andy called her out on that sentiment, she had the nerve to say that her daughter went from one sexual orientation to the other, so it's debatable. 

How does she think that that's OK? Has she ever entered the mind of a gay person to know for sure? Does her daughter, who was perhaps just experimenting, speak for all gay people? There are #50ShadesofGay and we're all different. It's this narrow-minded viewpoint that keeps us all on our sides of the street. 

When I tweeted Yolanda about this, her response was: 

❤I said that because one of our daughters was in a beautiful gay relationship & unfortunately it did not last

The first part I got from watching the episode, thanks. But the part that confused me was  #freedomofchoice? Is she saying that she has the freedom of choice to believe what she wants? Or is she saying that gays have the right to choose a sexual orientation? 

I also don't understand how a woman can take an expression of reproductive rights that women have fought for decades to achieve and ascribe it to something else, as if it's an interchangeable buzzword. But more germane to this conversation, where does she get off telling me who I am? IT IS NOT A CHOICE. Oh wait, look at whom I'm blogging about.